How to do Telegram Marketing 2021? πŸ”₯ Adding a target users to telegram

For adding users we use Telegram marketing software – Telegram Kit 2

First need create Telegram group How to use telegram kit 2? Just install Telegram Kit 2 on our PC and read tutorial, it easy – “user friendly interface”, tutorial text + video and free session via teamviewer with developer. Also, so that all the work is not lost, it is worth adhering to the strict recommendations, which are described in the instructions, otherwise the telegram can delete the group, users and the creator’s account.

Good marketing requires a loyal and targeted audience that will not bombard us with complaints, for this we use a scraper.

Next, we will need userlist, for this we using scraper of groups (included with Kit 2), find several groups of competitors and collect their users to our list, after this need select userlist in Telegram Kit 2. Now select the list of users, specify our group, set the rest of the necessary settings, how fast to add, and so on, and start program!

You can see the full process in this video! the program works without our participation, and we get live and active subscribers to whom we can sell our offers or shows advertising! We added 1000 people to a completely empty Telegram group and got new clients! Best Telegram Marketing software.

It is important to note that our program does not use the API telegram to add users, therefore the limits for adding new users are much higher than in other similar software. For a telegram, it looks like people are adding their friends in a multi-browser, and you can also adjust the speed and other parameters to be as natural as possible and not fall under the sanctions of telegrams.

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