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Group Messaging and Channels: Telegram supports group messaging and channels, making it easy to communicate and share information with a large number of peoples.

Telegram Sender by Exybot it is professional script for marketing and working with groups telegram. You can generate tons leads with this script without delays and waiting long time first result. We have made a really simple and professional script for sending messages to groups that even a child can handle.

He can send 300-400 messages at a time and has flexible delay settings to prevent overheating and account blocking. Our script does not use the classic telegram api and for telegram it looks like if you send messages from your PC manually.

Main features:

  1. Sending messages by timer to all groups where joined account (300-400 groups can get your message for few sconds)
  2. Mode for auto joining to group list (bypass telegram limitations and delays)


  • Smart randomisation messages
  • Support different Proxy types
  • Multiple telegram accounts
  • Timing and delays with random interval
  • Working with Tdata’s telegram accounts

You will get FULL premium support
– Multi langual help ✅
– Support with installation ✅
– Community group ✅
– Tutorials text + videos ✅

Settings Telegram Sender

Telegram Sender Settings

Firstly, Important thing, for get list with telegram groups you can get trial our scraper bot he can scrape groups from global search telegram by keywords and you can easaly preapare list with groups where chatting live audience.

We have run script on server 24\7 and it have best result,

telegram sender log

Telegram sender example log

Rich Media Support: Telegram allows users to send a wide range of media, including photos, videos, files, and stickers1. This feature-rich environment enhances the messaging experience and facilitates effective communication.

Secondly, to send personal messages to telegram users you will need telegram kit 2, also support smart timing for sending msg and using multiple accounts.

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