Telegram GroupScraper and checker

Telegram Phone Numbers Checker

Program for scrape (parse) @usernames active users from groups. The software will easily assemble the user base to your needs! You will get the maximum conversion after your bulk send or adding to the group on the collected usernames base.

Need maximum conversion?

Check all users who was online recently​

Check all users last activity and choose for invite or message bulk sending those who have been online recently!

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Attract new customers and quality audience to your project with our solution in Telegram!

Scrape public groups (export active users from group)

Scrape private groups (export active users from group)

Export contacts from contacts Telegram book

Check last activity users (you can only gather an active audience for bulk send or adding to a group)

Check phone numbers (if you have a database of phone numbers you can choose all who has telegram​

Export contacts from chats (if you have a lot of chats, you can collect all users from chats automatically in this mode)

Speed check Users per hour
Max threading working at once

Program cost:

(Lifetime license with free support and updates)

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