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Telegram Kit 2

Best marketing software for Telegram

Telegram kit 2 - best marketing software for Telegram

Telegram Kit 2 – marketing software for Telegram. The main features of the program are parsing (scrape) lists of users from selected groups, you can parse (export) private and public groups and even closed groups without links; Add people to telegram groups; Distribute messages to users and groups; Automatic account unlocking; Distribution of complaints on scam; Emulation of organic activity in channels – subscriptions, views, unsubscribes; Setting @username and photo for accounts; Unsubscribing from all groups and channels.

With Telegram Kit 2, you can easily collect audience of your competitors and automatically add them to your group. The software is designed as user-friendly interface as possible, you can learn how to use it in a few hours!

Telegram kit 2 features

Adding people to Telegram groups

Having received a list of users, you can easily add it to your group or to the customer’s group. The program can work in multi-threaded mode – up to 20 threads simultaneously, the speed of adding 400-800 subscribers in 15 minutes. Regardless of the country or theme of your group, you can always get real users to your group! (Insta marketing, crypto, weed, forex)

You can add real active users per day to different groups

1000 +
(adding speed 300-600 users per 15 min)

Bulk send messages

In this mode you can send your messages to users and to groups Telegram. The program can send random messages from the list. I’ll also tell you how to set up spam messages with automatic reply – this scheme will be useful if you send links. This advertising method is very effective in attracting customers.

you can send messages per day

Scrape user lists from groups

You can easily collect user lists from Telegram groups of interest to you, touch the audience of competitors and offer them your product. You can export the list of users from absolutely any group, even if it is closed (without a link) and with a paid entrance, if you have access to it from at least one account, you can easily collect all users in a couple of minutes!

0 000+
Can scrape users per day

Additional modes of Telegram kit 2

Automatic account unblocking

This mode allows you to restore worked accounts to life. Accounts can work many times, each account can add up to 1000 people, the program automatically considers the effectiveness

Setting @username and photos for accounts

this mode allows you to set photos and @usernames for your accounts automatically.

Distribution of complaints about scam Telegram

In the telegram there is an official page where you can write and complain about scam @notoscam. In this mode, you can write complaints in bulk in @notoscam

Unsubscribing from all groups and channels

This mode is useful if you have accumulated a huge number of channels and groups in your accounts, you can automatically unsubscribe from all at once.

Emulation of organic activity in channels

In this mode you can simulate activity in channels, view, subscribe and unsubscribe. This is a useful function primarily for channel administrators, if you have a small, developing channel, you can exchange ads with similar channels, confirming the effectiveness of the audience on your channel, thereby you will receive organic traffic and live subscribers at low cost.

How can you make money on it?

  • You can provide a service for adding live users to groups, the average cost of such a service is $ 40-50 for 1000 added;
  • You can boost your groups by advertising your product or affiliate programs;
  • You can work with a huge audience with one touch!;
  •  Outperform all competitors!

Telegram Kit 2 advantage

Multilingual support

You can be sure that you will understand how to work with program, we will help you remotely via TeamViewer in several languages ​​- English 🇬🇧, Russian 🇷🇺, Hebrew 🇮🇱, Hindi 🇮🇳 etc.

Tutorial text + video

Detailed text + video instructions on how to work with the software, as well as an online spreadsheet with links to services and consumables

Safe and works more 3 year

When buying a program you can be sure of performance and a high level of support, as software has been working and developing for more than two years;

Community (Support) group

All software buyers are added to a private support group. There are almost 300 people in our support group, you can exchange experiences, ask for advice, learn new directions for work.

Lifetime license

Once you pay for the software, you will not be limited by the terms of its ownership, all functions and support will be available throughout the entire existence of the Telegram kit 2.

Automatic updates

all updates are downloaded automatically to the server and when Telegram kit 2 is launched, they are installed individually for everyone, without any additional manipulations and reinstallations.

Have questions?

Earn money with Telegram Kit 2

We’ve worked for over a two years to offer you the best possible Telegram msrketing solution. Now, all you need to do is press ‘Start’.

Why Telegram Kit 2?

  • Telegram Kit 2 not using telegram api. It doing human action emulation
  • Software works more 2 years
  • Regularly auto updates for each costumer
  • Big community ~300 people from different countrys
  • License manage system – you don’t need to store the source files, you can always download them from your account
  • Help via TeamViewer
  • Lifetime license

Boost crypto airdrops group

We have detailed guide how add target users to crypto groups in telegram. We make best marketing campaign and grow our project.

Promotion forex group with signals

Forex and signals very popular way for fast earn money in internet, we got loyal audience in our groups from groups competitors.

Instagram promotion groups

Instagram engagements groups it old popular service in telegram, because people always will pump instagram pages.

- Testimonials -

Telegram kit 2 best tool for Telegram marketing. Fast adding users 10 000 users per day. Will recommend it. Thanks @AsomyY
Lior Uzi ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Das ist Weed inc. 🍁
It great software. If you need a quick result, you can easily get it with this program! My sales are increasing tremendously thanks to this software ✅✅✅
Jonas Gerber ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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