Video Telegram Scraper 2022:


This script is a newer version of the old scraper. In January 2022, Telegram updated own API, as a result of which absolutely all scripts stopped working that allowed exporting users from groups. Also in the new version we have expanded the functionality.

  • New Telegram Scraper script 2022
  • No installation required
  • Export usernames
  • Filtering users by activity
  • Export phone numbers

Telegram Scraper 2022: How to Scrape Users from Telegram

Telegram Scraper is a great tool with which you can collect active members for your telegram groups. The scraper can work with absolutely any groups, you can export a list of users from target groups, public groups, private groups, closed groups (groups without links) are supported. You can get an active audience with good engagement and expand your competition, but you also need to understand that this is a live audience and you must offer quality content.


Installation Telegram Scraper

Despite the fact that the script uses python, you do not need to install several programs, libraries, or get programmer’s skills to understand the script. Unlike all other scripts, my new scraper is packaged in an .exe file, to start working it is enough to run 1 file, no additional installation is required.


How it works?

To collect an audience from a telegram group, you need

  1. Run mine.exe
  2. The script will ask you to enter your telegram account number
  3. Then send “y” to confirm the number
  4. Now you will see a list of available modes, mode 4 will collect all usernames, I recommend using it!
  5. Now you need to select a group, specify the group number. The script will display a list of groups in which your account is a member, in order to add more groups, just join them, this is very convenient since you do not need to enter a link. The scraper can collect an audience from several groups at the same time, just specify them separated by commas.
  6. Done! a list of users will be created in the export_data folder!


No limit on the number of users! works even with very large Telegram groups

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The script can export phone numbers for some users.

The script costs $100. If you buy telegram kit 2 it’s free.

The script has a system of natural delays, this helps to bypass restrictions and limits. 100% safe for account

Script have .exe format, it will working on windows os.

Yes script works with private groups. For scraping groups not need link, just account should be in group.

You can use your own API Telegram, but this is not required.


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Program cost:

(Free if you will buy Telegram kit 2)

1 $
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Disclaimer: This tool will extract or add members to Telegram groups(both private and public)  but not channels

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