Telegram Kit 1

zennobox telegram kit 1

Telegram Kit 1 – this is a project for automatic registration of telegram accounts in tdata and zpprofiles format, then these accounts can be used in telegram kit 2 for invites, sending messages and other actions, or you can use them in other software from other developers.

Installation Telegram Kit 1 #

Along with the software, you will also receive several archives with files – these are demo table files, text files with names, folders and much more.

source files in archive

Archive have different filesm first need copy 3 .dll libraries to ExternalAssemblies folder, this folder you can see in root directory zennolab

zennobox icon
important dll folder

Zennobox 7 path

C:\Program Files\ZennoLab\EN\ZennoBox V7\\Progs\ExternalAssemblies

Zennobox 5 path

C:\Program Files\ZennoLab\RU\ZennoBox\\Progs\ExternalAssemblies

copy 3 dll files to folder ExternalAssemblies

dll files

Next, you need to copy all the other files from the archive to the project directory folder

For this run Zennobox and right-click on Telegram Kit and in this menu click Project Directory

project directory telegram kit 1

copy the files from the archive to the folder as in the picture

telegrma kit 1 source files

also on some PCs you need to open Excel tables click “enable editing”

telegram kit 1 accounts manager

Before starting, check yourself that all tables are available!

Next, I will give my recommended settings for working with the program.

telegram kit 1 settings tutorial
telegram kit 1 timig section
Telegram kit 1 API section sms providers

Registration of Telegram accounts #

zennobox and telegram kit 1 project menu

Program control is set in the settings. To get into the settings of Telegram kit 1, right-click and select the Settings item from the menu.

Several operating modes are available in the program settings.

telegram kit 1 mode


Registration accounts – this is the mode in which the program registers telegram accounts.

And so in order to start registering telegram accounts, we must select the API that we will use for auto purchase of numbers and of course the country of virtual SIM cards.

Authorization Telegram (create *.zpprofile)

Delete trash accounts