Authorization Telegram Accounts (making zpprofiles)

Authorization Telegram Accounts in Telegram Kit 2 (make zpprofiles) #

ready-made zpprofiles
ready-made zpprofiles for telegram kit 2

About Telegram accounts in Telegram kit 2 #

For adding users to group / sending messages / generating views and other actions in Telegram Kit 2, you need to authorization telegram accounts to Telegram Kit 2. Accounts can be opened on a computer in telegram desktop or on a smartphone. You can registration telegram accounts automatically with Telegram kit 1 using virtual sim cards from SMS providers or manually using hands and real sim cards.

telegram pc version
Telegram desktop (portable)
telegram smartphone version
Telegram accounts on smartphone

In order to add your accounts to the Telegram Kit 2, you need to copy the phone number of Telegram Accounts into profiles.xlsx spreadsheet. 

Сolumns in the table and what they mean.

Column A – profiles, authorized telegram accounts in Telegram kit 2.

Column B – proxy, you can use IPv4 and IPv6 proxy, main thing is that they support telegram web, some proxy providers block telegram intentionally.

Column C – status, this column gives the program to understand which accounts to take to work and which to skip, and also tells which accounts are banned, I will describe each status in more detail.

  • USED – the status indicates that the program used the account and returned it to the table, the next time the table is accessed, the program will skip the account with the USED status, if you want to use the account again, just delete the status.
  • SANCTIONS – this status appears when the program used the account, but encountered a large number of errors in its work. This status can arise in two cases: a) the account is new and not trustworthy enough b) the account is limited and cannot sending messages / add users to groups. Accounts with Sanctions can unblock automatically in Kit 2.
  • APPEAL – this status means that the account was restricted and the program tried to unblock it by sending an appeal to the spambot.

If the status is empty, then the program will take this account, if the status has some text, the program will skip this account.

profiles xlsx title line
added phone numbers of Telegram accounts in profiles.xlsx

The first line is the column headings. Next lines, enter the account numbers, example in picture. Column D is the international country code of the phone numbers, column E is the number itself.

It is convenient to add many numbers at once, in order to start the program later and it will automatically execute the selected mode, as many times as you added accounts.

When you added your telegram accounts in Profiles.xlsx, open zennobox, right click on the Telegram Kit 2 and click settings.

how open setting telegram kit 2
Telegram kit 2 settings

In the pop-up window with the settings. First select – Need authorization accounts? – Yes. Second select our table (in section Profiles) Profiles.xlsx – with phone numbers of accounts telegrams.

page settings telegram kit 2
settings menu

Everything is ready for authorization! Find the following icons on the program panel, they indicate the number of repetitions. These buttons run the program the selected number of times!

how much add attempts?

if you have added 1 account to the table for authorization, click ‘+1’; if you have added 10 accounts, you can click ‘+10’ and the program will start authorizing your accounts one by one.

status of program
status of program Telegram Kit2

Before launching authorization, your telegram account must be open, otherwise the authorization code will come via SMS

you can enable the display of a hidden browser and monitor everything that happens. Right click on Telegram Kit 2 and select ‘show/hide instance’, just do not click anything in the window that opens, it can bring down the script

After start program will compilation 1-2 min and next open telegram web for authorization your accounts. When phone number will be entered, will opened popup windows with field for authorization code.

authorization code
authorization code

if you entered the authorization code correctly, the program will display a message in the log after a few seconds about the successful creation of the profile.

zpprofile in log
zpprofile created, message in log

In our table Profiles.xlsx (with phone numbers of accounts telegrams) will be saved profiles name in column A and the session file itself is saved in the Profiles folder, which is located in the Project directory folder.

profiles xlsx with 1 zpprofile
profiles.xlsx with 1 zpprofile

After we have created a profile, we can use it to work in the modes of adding users to a group / sending messages / cheating views, the main thing don’t forget to turn off the authorization mode in the Telegram Kit 2 settings.

Errors Authorization Accounts #

When you authorization telegram accounts in telegram kit 2, you can get some errors under certain conditions, now I want to list the most popular ones that everyone can encounter, and I will try to explain how to avoid them

failed to authorization – Error #

failed to authorization - Error
failed to authorization – Error
failed to authorization - Error. instance
failed to authorization – Error. instance

this type of error is the most elementary. It arises if you try to authorize an account not registered in the telegram. You cannot register a phone number and open an account in telegram web, this can only be done on the PC version telegram or on a smartphone. What to do? – to avoid this error, first open an account on a smartphone or computer, and then add to telegramkit 2.

failed to authorization – Toofast #

Toofast error – appears in those cases when there were too many unsuccessful attempts to log in, thus the telegram limits the ability to enter the account for a day and writes this error. What to do? – authorize your account after 24 hours.

Need more TG accounts, enter column D,E #

Need more TG accounts, enter column D,E
Need more TG accounts, enter column D,E
haven't available of telegram account numbers in the profiles.xlsx
haven’t available of telegram account numbers in the profiles.xlsx

Need more TG accounts, enter column D,E – when program try authorizatio error means that you haven’t available of telegram account numbers in the profiles.xlsx table for authorization. When the program works in authorization mode, it goes through the numbers in the table one by one and looks at the status in column A, if the table has numbers for which column A has empty cells, then the program will try to authorize them, if the table runs out of numbers with empty cells in column A, then the program will give this error. What to do? – need open profiles.xlsx and add numbers of Telegram accounts.

Avaliable Telegram phone numbers for authorization
Avaliable Telegram phone numbers for authorization

Ready Telegram phone numbers for authorization, making zpprofiles.

not found field phone number or code #

not found field phone number or code
not found field phone number or code

In 90% of cases, this means that Telegram kit 2 could not open the telegram web authorization page due to the fact that your Internet connection restricted access to telegrams. What to do? – Check your Internet, try start program with VPN.