Getting started

Guide describing the basic concepts that a novice user of Telegram kit 2 will have to face. What do you need to start automatic additions to a telegram group using Telegram kit 2. How working with proxy? What is it instances? How activate threads and etc? what is it zpprofiles? all this questions in this tutorial guide

before reading this section, I strongly recommend reading the article that taoke zennobox is a license manager

Attempts count #

Add attempts

You can set the number of repetitions for the selected actions through the menu or in the input field “attempts count”.

First example, you want add users to groups and using 10 telegram accounts (profiles) for add to own group, you need click +10 or enter 10 in field “attempt count”. So the program will understand that you need to take 10 accounts and use them to work in the selected mode.

Second example, you want registration 17 telegram accounts via Telegram Kit 1, then you need enter 17 in filed “attempts count” or click 1 time “+10” and 7 times “+1”

Third example, you want authorization 100 telegram accounts in Telegram Kit 2, then you need select mode in settings and click “+100”

Profiles.xlsx (zpprofiles) #

names of profiles in column A
*.zpprofiles in folder Profiles in project directory

It is Telegram accounts in Zennobox format (*.zpprofiles). On the technical side, this is a cookie – an authorized telegram account in the browser. Accounts perform manipulations in the browser(instances) in accordance with the selected mode in telegram kit 2.

The profiles.xlsx table acts as a database in which accounts, statuses, proxies, a counter of the number of added users from each account and other information are stored.

VERY IMPORTANT! You should always control your profiles, before starting work, make sure that in the table with profiles in column A there are only the names of the profiles and nothing else! Empty lines, phones numbers with status Error, Servererror, To Fast – in column A need delete. Read more about each status in the instructions telegram kit 2.

Thread (thread of execution) #

1. You can select how much threads should working in same time 2. it shows how much threads working when program runned

A separate unit of execution for which a separate browser is allocated, a separate set of data (variables, lists, tables), etc.

You can compare a thread to a person performing a specific set of actions in a browser. Executing in multiple threads is equivalent to performing actions by multiple people.

In simple words, these are browser windows(instances) that work simultaneously.

Instance #

a lot of different instances working in same time

This is a separate part of the program that contains a browser instance with its own cookies, cache and proxy that do not overlap with other instances. It looks like a small window with tabs and an address bar. To make it very simple, an Instance is a separate browser with its own set of data. In simple words, these are our running threads(browsers). Also, through the instance, you can determine what is happening at the moment with the script.

in zennobox 5.47 you can activate instances, 1 instance it is 1 thread, on video working 5 instances = 5 threads.

Proxy #

Proxy in column B, profiles sheet

With the help of a proxy, you can hide your real IP address and for example, gain access to a blocked resource. Proxies can be paid and free, but the latter are not distinguished by good speed and survivability. In ZennoBox, you can install a proxy using a special action. Also, some services for the sale of proxies are integrated into the program. Zennobox have proxy scanner, proxy grabber and proxy checker, you can add your proxy list and check automatically, also with program you will get list with links on consumables with vpn/proxy. If you little bit understand in codding, can use githab vpn-proxy projects, it is free and have great quality of proxies.

Log section #

This is a section in the zenobox, which displays information about the current execution of the project, by looking at the log you will always understand what the program is doing. All errors, actions performed, successes, statuses, bugs are displayed here.