Telegram Kit 2

available mode in telegram kit 2

How works Telegram kit 2 ? #

From the very beginning, I want you to understand the principle of the program (this is not artificial intelligence), the program will work in accordance with the selected mode, but before starting a particular mode you need to make sure that all the conditions are met. (It’s like a car will not go without fuel!)

Program adds people to groups / sends messages / makes views with using your accounts added to it

The first thing you need to do for work is add accounts. What does a telegram account look like? The question may seem silly, but for many causes difficulties.

Installation Telegram Kit 2 #

Immediately after purchasing the Telegram kit 2 (and other my projects), I will send you a link to download ZennoBox (this is a license manager, contains Telegram Kit 2)

where download telegram kit 2? zennolab panel
file ZennoBox size ~530-630 mb, it included libraries C++, .Net and other.

During the installation of Zennobox.exe at one stage, the program will ask you to enter the email and password of your zennolab account.

icon telegram kit 2

After installed run zennobox, perform the first run, it may take 2-3 minutes because the program will synchronize all libraries and make settings.

How open project directory telegram kit 2

do right click on Telegram Kit 2, next click ‘Project directory’ like a picture.

project directory

the folder ‘Project directory’ will be opened

archive for telegram kit 2

in this directory you need to copy the files from the archive ( that I sent you in the telegram

source files for kit 2

If your ‘Project directory’ looks like this – installation finished

telegram kit 2 project directory with files

How configuration Telegram Kit 2? #

Telegram kit 2 settings

Settings telegram kit 2

Work mode – this section contains the available operating modes of Telegram kit 2.

  • Add users to groups – this mode add users from list to selected telegram group;
  • Sending messages – mode for bulk send messages, can send personal mesages and to groups automatically from selected list;
  • View channels – mode can wind views for posts in telegram channels;
  • Unblock accounts – mode for auto sending appeals from selected appeals list to @spambot Telegram;
  • Update profiles – mode for setup avatars and usernames for your accounts (zpprofiles), avatars takes from selected folder;
  • Leave all groups and channels – mode for leave from channels/groups/conversations, in this mode you can clean your accounts, get rid of extra groups/channels

More detailed description about How Works Telegram Kit 2 each mode read in next article “How authorization telegram accounts in Telegram kit 2”