Telegram Scraper

Telegram Scraper it’s simple telegram script for export users from target Telegram group, if you want build big group, you need quality users. For get quality user list need scraper and groups with target active audience. It can be groups of your competitors and similar groups, from your niche.

Full Video How to install Telegram Scraper?

How to use Telegram Scraper? First need install Python client on PC, for this open in browser and click download Python last version.

When Python client downloaded click run

Very IMPORTANT!!! Need select option “Add Python 3… to PATH”, if you not select this option then delete Python and install again!!!!πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

Us Telegram Scraper working via Telethon librarie. Now we need installation Telethon lib, for python client. For this open cmd.exe

In CMD.EXE need enter commands

pip3 install telethon

and second command

python -m pip install --upgrade pip

also for some it can be indicated in a yellow line in quotes

Finished. Now we can use Telegram Script for collect users to list. In next Scraper Guide i will say how can filtering users list and get only active users.

Also watching Our video How run Telegram Parser, you will understand how create members list, how filtering active users and much more…

Next You can add target audience from members list to your Own group with Telegram kit 2 software and bulk sending messages.