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Scraper (parser) of telegram group subscribers, script collects lists of users from private and public groups, makes export from completely closed groups no link is needed!

Telegram scraper also shows latest user activity on a telegram, so you can filter out only active audiences and primarily work on the basis of people who regularly happen online and do not spend resources on those who was online a month ago! Fast work speed – export groups of 100 thousand in 1-2 minutes, without restrictions, shows @usernames, id, names and etc.

With this Telegram scraper you can make big profitable group (channel) in Telegram with active audience.

After collecting users, you can easily add them automatically to your telegram groups with Telegram kit 2.

✔️ Fast work speed 100k per 1 min
✔️ Shows last activity users in telegrams
✔️ Shows usernames
✔️ Works with private and public groups
✔️ Lifetime license
✔️ Technical support via remote connection teamviewer
✔️ Detailed text and video installation and operation instructions
✔️ Community group with other users

Result (in second column script shows active users):